12.22.11 The Original Christmas Holiday

Winter Solstice (Wikipedia)

The Wiki post above includes an A to Z list of all the variations of Winter Solstice celebrations around the world.  I thought I’d include Y:

Yule or Yuletide (“Yule-time”) is a winter festival that was initially celebrated by the historical Germanic people as a pagan religious festival, though it was later absorbed into, and equated with, the Christianfestival of Christmas. The festival was originally celebrated from late December to early January on a date determined by the lunar Germanic calendar. The festival was placed on December 25 when the Christian calendar (Julian calendar) was adopted. Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt.

Terms with an etymological equivalent to Yule are used in the Nordic countries for the Christian Christmas (with its religious rites), but also for other holidays of the season. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule logYule goatYule boarYule singing, and others stem from Yule. In Germanic Neopaganism have adopted pre-Christian festival, as have some other non-Chrisitian religions, such as Wicca, to various extents.

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