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12.31.11 The FINAL Post

Wikipedia (Wikipedia) Thank you Wikipedia!!! Advertisements

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12.30.11 Polar Opposites

Antipodal Point (Wikipedia) North Pole / South Pole They kinda seem the same to me!

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12.29.11 THE Winter Wonderland

Antarctica (Wikipedia) The only Men Without Hats song I ever cared for: Antarctica

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12.28.11 Snowsquatch

Snowsquall (Wikipedia) Searching for Sasquatch in the weather center.

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12.27.11 Winter Waters

Ice Stream (Wikipedia) Frozen Wave Formations In The Arctic

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12.26.11 RU Sitting Down?

Cassiopeia (Wikipedia) The True ‘Glued-To-Your-Seat‘ Constellation. Even sideways in the sky she’s going nowhere! Also on view this week: The Horse Head Nebula

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12.23.11 Way Up In The Sky, Little Lamb!

Star of Bethlehem (Wikipedia) Thought provoking seasonal reading: Comet or Miracle?

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