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9.29.11 The Late Summer Sky

Scattering (Wikipedia) No matter what the explanation–pollution or otherwise–me likey! Advertisements

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9.28.11 Disco Fish

Mandarinfish (Wikipedia) Yet another theme week here at 365 W.

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9.27.11 Color Me Latte

Cosmic Latte (Wikipedia) The Cosmic Spectrum / Additional Reading

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9.26.11 The River of Five Colors

Cano Cristales (Wikipedia)

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9.23.11 Good Vibrations

Whole Body Vibration (Wikipedia) NASA continuing to extend its usefulness: Good Vibrations

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9.22.11 By a Landslide

Landslide (Wikipedia) I don’t often use the expression but I’ve decided that it’s not particularly pleasant.

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9.21.11 The 7th Moon of Jupiter

Ganymede (Wikipedia)

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