7.25.11 Animism

Animism (Wikipedia)

I typically like to stick to natural phenomena with this blog but I’ve been increasingly engaging in discussions about my mission as an aspiring artist. I think this work by Robert Davidson speaks volumes to that mission. As a Haida artist, Davidson’s works often take the form of totems, masks, and jewelry–consummate material objects that are simultaneously imbued with a deep reverence for the natural world and all it’s various spirits (animals / plants / sun / wind / etc.). While Davidson’s works are always some some form of an amalgam, they pose both the question of a puzzle and the certainty of seamless integration; the notion of harmony is nothing without the potential for discordance. In Davidson’s work nature and humanity are always present, distinct but engaged. It is my own aspiration to celebrate our native habitat without having to sacrifice humanity as so often the either / or attitudes of environmental politics demands. Although I do realize that some radical rediscoveries of our past rapport with the natural world would go a long way to reconcile the often opposing sides.

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