5.20.11 2B / Not 2B? Context is King

Ambiguity (Wikipedia)

My Favorite Wiki Word

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2 Responses to 5.20.11 2B / Not 2B? Context is King

  1. bwinwnbwi says:

    Perhaps disambiguation is the problem, not the solution (based the great “Alice picture” above, you probably agree with me)? Since I’m a lover of ambiguity myself, I thought you might like to know: In The Mind Of The Bigot–Flight From Ambivalence; Ambivalence-The Psychological, Ontological, And Sociological Origins; I Investigated The Question: Why Do Some People Handle Ambivalence Better Than Others?; We Are Our Boundaries; Genocide–Escaping The Ambivalence; Prejudiced Persons Avoid Ambiguity, Non-Prejudiced Persons Do Not; Certainty-Oriented Persons Lack Interest In Discovering New Information About The Self Or The Environment; We, Unlike The Rest Of Nature, Stand As A Problem To Ourselves; Anything That Separates The ‘Other’ From Me Opposes What I Believe.

    The above topics suggest that I also consider ambivalence/ambiguity to be a very interesting subject indeed!

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