5.11.11 The ‘It’ Constellation

Coma Berenices (Wikipedia)

I make it habit not to provide too much (if any) commentary in my ‘sky gazing’ postings as they are not the end product of any genuine understanding of astronomy but rather the process by which I am actually gaining some understanding–albeit from my couch. However, I have to say the constellation, or asterism of Coma Bernices is one of those examples that has so many different things to offer that I simply couldn’t keep to my typical, straight forward format. First, the story of the constellation’s name is the hallmark of a significant historical event. Then there are all the details that make the constellation so special including it’s collection of eight messier objects, it’s host of galaxies, it’s status as part of the Virgo cluster, and its various and sundry global clusters and nebulae. It’s a veritable caldron of astronomical activity!

Plus I love the idea of the Cousin It Constellation!

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One Response to 5.11.11 The ‘It’ Constellation

  1. Evan says:

    That’s quite a triptych !

    And Ursa Major looks vaguely like ‘Thing’ . ‘Ursa Manual’?

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