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5.31.11 Bad Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle (Wikipedia) While the collage may be alarming, the real culprit is more so–watch the video. Advertisements

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5.27.11 Mola Mola

Molidae (Wikipedia) No doubt NASA has a real case of fish envy.

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5.26.11 Form and the Storm

Thunderstorm (Wikipedia)

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5.25.11 How Low Can You Get?

Badwater Basin (Wikipedia) At 285 feet below sea level, the lowest point in North America is only 85 miles away from the highest point–Mount Whitney (14,500 feet ASL). Apparently the elevation–not to mention the heat–makes people do crazy things: Watch … Continue reading

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5.24.11 Dancing to the Stars

Constellation Vibration (NY Times) Music only the Borg would appreciate…if the Borg could appreciate.

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5.23.11 Smart Polymers

Smart Polymers (Discovery) Generally I like to stay on topic relative to the natural world. However, I think that the emergence of smart polymers is something worth pausing for. I actually can’t believe it’s taking so long. Notwithstanding, it does … Continue reading

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5.20.11 2B / Not 2B? Context is King

Ambiguity (Wikipedia) My Favorite Wiki Word

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