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4.29.11 No Tax Breaks for Earth

Aquifer (Wikipedia) As if we didn’t already have enough issues with our aquifers! Thirsty? Watch the video.

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4.28.11 Home Sweet Home

Milky Way (Wikipedia) Living in the shadow of a (dark) chocolate bar Speaking of Milky Way Dark–Where Did It Go?

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4.27.11 Springtime in Buffalo

Spring Storm (Wikpedia) Buffalo Niagara Airport, my ‘home away from home’. Looking back on the past 3.5 years, I think I can actually say that the number of hours I’ve spent ‘grounded’ is fairly close to the number of hours I actually … Continue reading

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4.26.11 A Light in the Dark

Elysia Chlorotica (Wikipedia) Solar-Powered Sea Slug

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4.25.11 Time Out

Time (Wikipedia) Dang!–My first missed posting in close to 5 months! Brain Fart. How the Brain Farts (NY Times)

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4.22.11 Wicked Twister

Tornado (Wikipedia) Coming to a Theater Near You

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4.21.11 April (meteor) Showers

Lyrids (Wikipedia) GET UP EARLY TOMORROW AM! The Lyrids: captivating Audiences for 2600 years!

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