2.25.11 Sometimes The Search (engine) Seems Fruitless

Exploration (Wikipedia)

Journey (Wikipedia)

Search (Bing.com)

I must say that there are times when the Interwebs really surprise me. Actually, I should clarify that: the Internet surprises me all of the time; this blog is a hallowed testament to that fact. Perhaps I should say that there are times when the Internet completely fails to surprise me and by surprise I really mean: inspire.

This was a weird week: an innocuous holiday followed by an intense case of food poisoning followed by the arrival of a gigantic tome–written and lushly illustrated by CG Jung– made for some strange space in this here head. But I’m open to weeks like this one and I usually find that they yield an assortment of modest epiphanies for me. This week was no exception. However, as I sat down to pen my weekly ‘Mechanical Splendor’ posting, I came up empty handed. Wikipedia, my partner in crime, had nothing for the word ‘explore’. When I Googled ‘exploration’ (verb) I came up with a really lame Wiki-post along with a smorgasbord of options including a kid’s summer program, various and sundry outer space resources, and a litany of travel and leisure opportunities. When I Googled ‘journey’ you can guess what I got and then ‘search’ sent me straight to Bing (Seriously Google? Google identifies  ‘search’ with Bing?).

In my world these are not insignificant words: explore, journey, and search. And yet it seems to demonstrate either the limitations still inherent in the online search process or the possible diminishing importance of such words. And yet I am reminded of a fundamental aspect of each word’s meaning: the fact that it is equally important to both find and lose one’s way in the process.

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